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Difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect methods

Many time interviewer ask you what is the different between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect ,In my article i will give you some point which will help you to understand Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect. Server.Tranfer vs Response.Redirect

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Create “Watermark” Text on image in ASP.NET

If you want to protect your image being reuse by other person, then the best way to protect image by keeping watermark text on image. In my Article I will show you how to create watermark text on image. WaterMark

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Get current page name

you can use following function to get current page name in public string GetCurrentPageName() { string Path = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsolutePath; System.IO.FileInfo Info = new System.IO.FileInfo(Path); string pageName = Info.Name; return pageName; }

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Changing Textbox Colour on validation fail in

You have seen in many website when any field is empty then it showing that particular textbox with Red border.In this article i will show you how to do this. Change TextBox Color On Validation

Rate this: Cookies

This is a very good article for beginners who want to know about cookies ,how to create cookies ,how to read cookies.This article will give you all information about cookies and there types.Asp.Net Cookies

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Different ways to Pass Data Between webforms in

This is very nice article written by Suthish Nair which will give you information that how to pass data between web can see this same article in c-sharpcorner also. Methods to pass data in

Rate this: Page life Cycle

This article demonstrate about page life cycle. Page Life Cycle

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Fetch Data from Gridview and store it into DataTable

This Article show you how to fetch data from girdview and store it into DadtaTable Fetch Data From Gridview and Store into Datatable

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Web Farm And Web garden

WEB FARM& WEB Gardening

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AJAX Drag Panel Extender Control

AJAX Drag Panel Extender Control

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