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LINQ Standard Query Operators Cheat Sheet

Download this Linq Cheat sheet by clicking on bellow link linq_standard_query_operators Cheat Sheet and for LINQ sample examples vist this url LINQ SAMPLES Examples

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LINQ – Insert,Update,Delete with LINQ to SQL

In this article i will show how to insert,update and delete data by using LINQ to SQL. insert,update delete with linq-sql

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This is a very good article for beginners who want to know about cookies ,how to create cookies ,how to read cookies.This article will give you all information about cookies and there types.Asp.Net Cookies

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Find 2nd Highest salary from Employee Table.

Many time in interview ,interviewer ask you how to find 2nd or 3rd highest salary here is a answer for this query. Find nth highest salary

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Different ways to Pass Data Between webforms in

This is very nice article written by Suthish Nair which will give you information that how to pass data between web can see this same article in c-sharpcorner also. Methods to pass data in

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Sql Server Sheet

This sheet will give you all sql server functions, datatypes with in a one page it is very useful sheet to remember all sql server concepts. SQLServerCheatSheet

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SQL Server 2008 Interview Question with Answer

This bellow pdf will provide you all SQL Server 2008 FAQ’s with its answer. SQLServer2008InterviewQuestionsAnswers

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Boxing & Unboxing in C#.Net

In this article I will explain the concepts of Boxing and UnBoxing. Boxing & Unboxing

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SQL SERVER – ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability)

This Article give you general information about ACID. SQL SERVER ACID Properties

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SQL SERVER – Insert Multiple Records Using One Insert Statement

This Article give you information about how to insert multiple record using one insert statement with the use of UNION ALL. SQL SERVER inser multiple record

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